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Support & Contact

We are really happy, that you want to reach out to us. In this document, you can find all official communication channels and contact options. Please choose one that suits your needs.

📖 Guidelines

Before getting in touch with, we ask you to acknowledge our Code of Conduct and our Contributing Guide.

🔨 Support

In case you need help, please check the below options and choose the one most suitable for you. The most convenient way to interact with us is via issues. Opening an issue should be straight forward and allows us to track progress.

Please choose the repository in our GitHub organization, that matches your demand and open an issue.

Please be aware, that we do not offer any paid option or enterprise support plan for the provided products, software or services. You can use them at your own risk, without any warranty.

🔔 Communication

You can reach out to the community in various ways. The following channels are officially maintained.


The below chat rooms are open to all. Please feel free to join and ask questions.


For general purpose discussions and community related topics, you can use one of the below channels. This is also the best entry point.

For socializing and off-topic, you can use dedicated channels, but in general you will also find memes and stuff in other channels.

If you just want to get the latest news, please check these options. You will find notifications for new blog articles, releases and community events.


Development talk and notifications are done in the development channels. There you will also get notifications about new Pull Requests, Issues and other.


Infrastructure talk and notifications are often done in the infrastructure channels. The monitoring will also notify this room if something goes sideways.


Our regular meetings are held in dedicated meeting channels to avoid spamming other channels.

Social Media

You can also find us on multiple social media networks.


We offer mail contact options, for asynchronous and official communication.

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